Mike Scheuerman
Portland, OR
Strategy  Business  Technology

"Right now advancing technology is changing the entire landscape of product and service delivery as we know it. Open collaborative technology alliances
are--at this moment--creating new systems and processes that will put services at customer's fingertips.

Executive Management professional with widely diversified experience from the boardroom to the computer room. Proven leader in applying technology to business problems; results oriented and strong interpersonal skills with the ability to implement a vision with practical solutions.
An experienced Information Technology manager, with a background in business management, marketing, business development and high tech. My successful record of leading teams, developing strategic and tactical plans and communicating effectively at all levels of an organization is an immediate asset to any company that values broad experience in business management.
Experience Summary
Requirement Experience
Executive Level Leader CUSO President
Senior Vice President
Vice President for Operations
Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President of Technology
Visionary Leadership Enterprise Strategic Plan development
Established and implemented two subsidiary corporations by aggregating Item Processing volumes from multiple corporate CUs
Full life-cycle multi-business unit integration and management
Established new IT outsourcing paradigm for small companies
Developed strategy, business case and architecture for a national item image exchange in response to Check21
Excellent communications with all levels of an organization Developed and presented business plans to Boards of Directors
Management philosophy that commands respect, loyalty, and trust from staff
Synthesized agreements for cooperation among competing companies
Regular contributing columnist for industry publications
Regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars
Operational Leadership Developed strategic vision for integrated member services
Directed plan development for nationwide check image exchange
Improved loan operations throughput by identifying and installing a new loan processing system
Negotiated reduced processing fees for ACH and Wire processing
Lead the search for consolidated call center services for a multi-CU consortium